Display Heads & Legs

Display Heads and Legs

AtShopfittings Manchester we stock a variety of mannequin display heads and freestanding mannequin leg displays.

Create a shop display that's head and shoulders above the rest by using one of our mannequin heads. Choose from an elegant swan neck, high gloss mannequin and polystyrene mannequin heads or economy manikin heads to showcase your products.Our mannequin heads for shop displays are available to buy in female and male options. This range is perfect for showcasing hats and other accessories. Also included in this collection are jewellery display products, including necklace display busts, ring display stands, bangle display stands, earring stands, jewellery display stands and ring cases.

Our mannequin leg forms are made from lightweight and smooth material to prevent snagging of hose. Leg forms can be used to display hosiery and whether you are exhibiting panty hose to leg warmers, we have you covered. Our mannequin selection leg forms, head forms and hand forms will show off your merchandise perfectly from all angles! Show off that pair of jeans, or shorts in style allowing your customers to visualise what your garments will look like on them!