Wholesale Shop fittings

Shop Fittings was established in 1864 and has since supplied shops with fixtures, fittings, display products, mannequins, hangers and various other products related to packaging and supplies including carrier bags. Our customers have a diverse range of shops & stores including fashion & clothing, jewellery stores and other specialist or boutique stores.

We have a show room in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester but also sell online supplying throughout the UK.

Carrier Bags

...an assortment of carrier bags for different uses from your standard high street plastic carriers to something more luxurious such as our paper bags. Our bags come in a variety of sizes , shapes and colours. available to buy in larger wholesale numbers or smaller if need be.

Clothes Rails

... a number of clothes rails & stands including wall mounted, fixed or portable, We also sell rail accessories, chrome feature rails and other storage solutions

Mannequins, Dummies & Busts

...variety of mannequins available. We have adult sized mannequins both men and women, while also stocking children’s dummies with some specialist dummies also available such as heads or legs, top half busts and tailors dummies. Full sized mannequins are available either with the head or just as a torso with our range of dummies coming in a variety of colours including black or white with either gloss or matte finish.

Clothing hangers

...a variety of garment, coat & clothing hangers available for various types of fashion which includes, plastic, wire & wooden hangers with hangers available in a variety of colours including black, blue & white.

Shop packaging

...we have a variety of shop packing suitable for shipping products via the post or courier this includes various packaging bags,bubblewrap with an assortment of wrappings and various postal accessories Including tape.We also have various packaging bags for different types of products including clothing bags, tissue paper or gift bags, plastic bags.

Shop Display

...a variety of different retail & shop display products including Acrylic POS Displays, shoe racks & jewellery displays.

Shop Fittings,

...a variety of shop fitting sytems & equipment including slatwall, gridwall, twin slot display & urban tubing

Shop Supplies

...all the different shop supply need you may have we provide products for including pricing labels, tickets and tagging guns and accessories, shopping till, & PDQ receipt rolls and sale merchandise