Hotel/ Captive Coat Hangers

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Hotel/Captive Coat Hangers

There are very few things that can express attention to detail quite like a row of uniformed hangers but this can be easily undone if you start to find hangers missing. Once captive hangers are installed onto a clothing rail they cannot be removed unless the rail itself is dismantled. Captive hangers have become an essential within hotels and guesthouses acting as a theft deterrent and removing the constant need to replenish stolen hangers.

Our captive hangers are crafted using robust materials such as wood and solid metal wire, which means that they can support both light and heavy garments. The style of hanger that you choose ultimately falls down to personal choice. Opt for a wooden captive hanger if you want to achieve an elegant vibe within a room. Alternatively, select a matte black captive hanger for a contemporary look. If you are unsure about ordering online or have a question regarding hotel hangers and captive hangers please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Hotel coat hangers, including wooden anti-theft hangers and wire security coat hangers.

Competitively priced, with captive hooks for hotel and leisure centre use. Click here to view our entire range of clothes and coat hangers