Rail Accessories & Fittings

Rail Accessories and Fittings

At Shop Fittings we understand the fast pace of commercial settings. This is why we strive to deliver rail fittings and accessories that allow you to modify your space whenever you need to. Find accessories perfect for separating your items such as our rail dividers that will allow your customers to easily search through items. These are especially beneficial if the clothing will be altered folded up on a shelf.

Display sales signs that will entice your customers. Signs that showcase a certain product opens up the opportunity for retailers to communicate specific details of new, seasonal, or promotional items. This also gives you the chance to showcase your hidden gems! When your items do not need to be on show, protect them with one of our high-quality nylon garment covers. These are perfect for reducing the chance of dust building up on your items. Alternatively, if you run an outdoor pop-up store this will protect clothing from unpredictable British weather!

Extend the amount of hanging space your clothing rails have to offer either horizontally or vertically. Convert standard garment rails into a double hanging bar or use an extension tube that is ideal for hanging longer items such as dresses, pants or skirts. You can also improve the convenience and mobility of your rails with our castor sets. With simple and simplistic designs, discover a variety of accessories that blend in with most decors.