Acrylic Display

Acrylic Displays

Acrylic gives a professional and clean appearance. Our acrylic display stands take a variety of forms such as the including acrylic leaflet holders, acrylic dispensers and acrylic shoe displays. These display stands are weather resistant, so they are one of the most versatile display options on the market. As a business owner, the way you display your products is important for boosting sales. A good product display will attract customers and generate more interest in your products. Acrylic cases allow your customers to see your products more clearly. But don't worry; these cases do not reflect light, which means they will not distort the appearance of your merchandise.

Acrylic holders can also support a large number of heavy items without collapsing or shattering. Despite its strength, our acrylic display units are lightweight making them easy to transport. We launched our store in 1864 and even since then we have been offering excellent shop fittings across the UK at competitive prices. No matter what you're searching for you're guaranteed to uncover your ideal display solution Shopfittings Manchester.