Bin Bags / Refuse Sacks

Bin Bags/ Refuse Sacks

Plastic bin bags, also known as refuse sacks, are the best way to hygienically collect rubbish. Lightweight and tear resistant, our bin liners can be used in both domestic and commercial environments to ensure waste containers stay clean. Choose from black rubbish sacks suitable for residential use, clear bin bags for storeroom use or our specialised colour bun liners, which are ideal for sorting waste. The high quality of our refuse sacks makes the valuable for various purposes including industrial usage.

The strength of our premium bags make them ideal for heavy or wet rubbish whilst ensuring that they will not split or puncture. Our liners are sold in a variety of quantities so that you can match your selection with the needs of your business. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our range of coloured; clear, and black refuse sacks. Here at Shopfittings Manchester, we have sourced all of our shop fitting ranges based on our knowledge and experience of this industry.