Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are very versatile product, often referred to as 'polythene bags'. Our range includes resealable bags, clear plastic bags, plastic clothes covers on a roll, bin bags / refuse sacks and high clarity polypropylene shirt bags.

Our resealable bags are often referred to in the trade as 'grip-seal bags', 'mini-grip bags', 'bar-grip bags' and 'button bags'. At Shopfittings Manchester, we supply clear polyethylene resealable bags, with re-usable grip bar at the top. We stock resealable bags in seventeen different sizes.

Our polythene bags are available in three gauges and up to seventeen different sizes. They are all made from food grade clear polyethylene and are supplied in dispenser boxes.

Plastic clothes covers on a roll are also known as plastic garment covers; they are similar to dry cleaning bags. We currently stock six different sizes of plastic clothes covers on a roll. Individual bags are perforated for easy tear-off and have shaped pockets to accommodate coat hangers.

Shopfittings Manchester supply bin bags, or 'refuse sacks', in seven different colours, including black bin bags and clear bin bags.

Our high clarity polypropylene shirt bags have a folding flap and self-adhesive strip. The construction and material of these shirt bags make them suitable for displaying a wide range of fashion items. Shopfittings Manchester supply shirt bags in six different sizes.